By definition a Wearable device is technology integrated in clothing or fashion accessories and represents a new approach for computing and focused on the interaction between human-machine were gadgets and sensors are connected to the user. 



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Sophisticated and stylish design, bring your phone on your wrist

Amoled Touchscreen 400x400
1x SIM card slot
Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
Heartrate sensor and sleep monitor
Android 5.1
IPS touch screen 320x320
1x SIM card slot
Bluetooth connectivity
Pedometer and sleep monitor
Android 5.1
CIF touch screen 240x240
1x SIM Card Slot
Bluetooth connectivity
Android 4.3
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GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are very usefull devices that allow to track people or objets and come in different formats to better suite the application it's intended for. For young children, elder people, your pet or even your bag, this will reassure you when you look for them.

Kids tracker with SIM Card
Allows calling preprogrammed numbers
SOS button with auto dial
Step counter, accelaration, drop out and low battery information
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