Who we are

INSYS computers are developed and manufactured by Inforlandia since 1990, offering a vast portfolio of solutions.​ They have been recognized in the specialized media as one of the pillars of the LOEM brands to whom several prizes have been awarded for their performance and quality.

​INSYS Computers is constantly innovating. Among the most recent innovations:


  • First worldwide program of notebook manufacturer customization through our Brand Art Concept technology;

  • Development of the first notebook for senior citizens;

  • Development of the first notebook with internal 3G for consumers.

  • Development of the first notebook with open source software for the e-escolas project;

  • Development of production process to fully customize under strict QC each unit manufactured, generating individual recovery system in both online and offline media.

  • Development of web platforms to support the world’s biggest, to date, “one computer per child” program (the Portuguese Plano Tecnológico)

  • The biggest European sales achievement of Open Source based notebook, currently being a case study;​

  • Development of the first notebook with internal 3G for consumers


INSYS develops efforts to ensure that it's products are in accordance with standards and regulations for environment protection and energy efficiency.

The company implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and also an ISO 14001 environmental management system which ensures best practices and control system to minimize environmental impact resulting from the company activity.


Operating in accordance with EU legislation, INSYS also provides solutions which comply with Energy STAR and EPEAT certifications, demonstrating our concern with energy efficiency and protecting the environment in all stages of the product life.


Product certifications will be available for download soon.

Sustainability Policy


Sustainable "comes from the Latin sustare (sustain; defend; favor, support; conserve, care).
Sustainable use of natural resources must "meet the needs of the present generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet theirs".

Sustainability is the factor that frames all decisions, from investment, operating decisions to product portfolio decisions.
In all of these areas, positive impacts must last and be stable over time and negative impacts must be minimized on a lasting basis, in particular with a efficient risk management.

See our full Sustainability Policy here

Contacts of organizations responsible for the collection of electronic waste

In order to demonstrate its commitment to the environment, Inforlandia provides the contacts of organizations responsible for the collection of electronic waste, packaging and batteries, when they end their purpose and need to be discarded.
At the end of its useful life, your PC cannot receive the same treatment as the different household waste. Free of charges and in order to be environmentally responsible, the user must deliver the equipment to a collection point specifically for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. You can obtain more information on the different points of collection of this type of waste in the following contacts:

ERP – European Recycling Platform
Centro Empresarial Ribeira da Penha Longa,
Rua Dinis Bordalo Pinheiro, 467 B
2645-539 Alcabideche - Portugal
Phone: +(351) 21 911 96 30 or +(351) 21 911 96 39

Depositrão: https://erp-recycling.org/en-pt/where-we-can-recycle/depositrao-collection-points/
Legislation: https://erp-recycling.org/en-pt/legislation-requirements/

For more information on the different battery collection points, you can use the following contacts:


Ecopilhas, Sociedade Gestora de Resíduos de Pilhas e Acumuladores, Lda
Rua Padre Américo,
19 D  - Escritório D
1600-548 Lisboa - Portugal
Phone: +(351) 21 725 20 10

For more information on the different packaging collection points, you can use the following contacts:


Sociedade Ponto Verde, S.A. 
Edificio Infante D. Henrique,
Rua João Chagas, nº53 1ºDt.
Cruz Quebrada 
1495-764 Dafundo - Portugal
Phone: +(351) 210 102 400

For any questions or clarifications you can contact:

Inforlandia S. A.

Rua Santa Rita, nº 85 L6
(Junto ao Parque das Feiras)
3810-167 Aveiro - Portugal
Phone: +(351) 234 340 800

Information for recycling operators

If you are a recycling operator and more you require more informations about disassembly process, with materials identification according to the Annex VII of the WEEE Directive, please contact: qualidade@inforlandia.pt