INSYS arises from the passion for technology of a young team of recent graduates. From that passion came the first fully assembled computers nationwide, the brand being known at the time as INSystems.

Since 1992, the year in which INSYS started the production of personal computers, until now, the team remains and is proud of the path traveled, which elevated INSYS to the status of an international brand.

The vision shared by the team from the beginning, that the way to go would be towards the democratization of access to personal computing, followed the evolution of the brand over the years. For this reason, INSYS has always presented equipment incorporating the latest technologies and at the most affordable prices on the market. This strategy resulted in the growth of the brand at a national level and its implementation at an international level, currently supplying equipment to several countries in different continents.

At INSYS we don't just believe in the power of technology, we believe that people are the ones who empower technology. Based on this premise, we develop technology for people with unique and personalized characteristics for each person or entity. Customization is INSYS' big bet and one of its main differentiating factors.


Over its almost 30 years, INSYS has been accumulating several awards for excellence, given by the most respected specialists in the sector, and published in the most recognized magazines and technological publications. The accumulated experience allowed the company to build its own capital as an innovative brand, deserving of trust and recognition from the technological community and the media.


INSYS' priority is to ensure that its products increasingly comply with energy and environmental standards and certifications. This consistent commitment to certifications allowed INSYS to position itself at the level of the main international manufacturers, being the first national manufacturer to obtain the EPEAT certification, as well as the “Windows Hardware Compatibility Certification”, which grants you access to use the “Designed for Windows” logo on INSYS ProB desktops. The company has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and is also ISO 14001 certified, which defines the criteria for the implementation of an environmental management system, ensuring greater control and treatment of all environmental issues resulting from the activity. from the company. Operating in accordance with European legislation, INSYS also offers Energy Star and EPEAT certified products, demonstrating its concern for their energy efficiency and environmental protection in all aspects of its production process, from origin to end of life. of product.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

INSYS is a founding member of the millennium@edu initiative, with the mission of contributing to the advancement of the Millennium Development Goals, through the use of Information, Communication and Scientific Technologies in Teaching and Education. Within this structure, we are responsible for the development and production of portable computers specially designed for teachers with unique features such as being able to operate as the school's IT server.

INSYS is also a founding member of the e.xample consortium, a platform for aggregating and sharing knowledge and innovation, providing access to content, businesses and people in the areas of education technologies. Within this framework, we develop and implement unique solutions tailored to the classroom environment, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot and router integrated into the teachers' laptop hardware, or the wireless bidirectional whiteboard + notebook set for an unparalleled and easy sharing and editing of content in the Classroom.

Sustainability Policy 

The sustainable use of natural resources must "supply the needs of the present generation without affecting the possibility of future generations to meet theirs". At INSYS, sustainability is the factor that frames all decisions, from investment decisions, operations, to product portfolio decisions, as in all these areas the positive impacts must last and be stable over time and the impacts negative effects should be minimized on a lasting basis, namely on the basis of efficient risk management.

See our Sustainability Policy.

Organizations responsible for waste collection

In order to demonstrate its commitment to the environment, Inforlandia SA, the company that owns the INSYS brand, provides the contacts of organizations responsible for the collection of electronic waste, packaging and batteries, when these have completed their purpose and need to be disposed of.

At the end of its useful life, your equipment will not be able to receive the same treatment as different household waste. At no additional cost and in order to be environmentally responsible, the user must hand over the equipment to a collection point specifically designed for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. You can get more information about the different collection points for this type of waste at the following contacts:

ERP – European Recycling Platform

Centro Empresarial Ribeira da Penha Longa

Rua de S. Sebastião, 16

2635-448 Rio de Mouro – Sintra

Telefone: +(351) 21 911 96 30 ou +(351) 21 911 96 39



For more information on the different collection points for end-of-life equipment and batteries, you can use the following contacts:

"Rede Depositrão": https://erp-recycling.org/pt-pt/onde-reciclar/rede-depositrao/



For more information regarding the different packaging collection points, you can use the following contacts:

Sociedade Ponto Verde, S.A. 

Edificio Infante D. Henrique,

Rua João Chagas, nº53 1ºDt.

Cruz Quebrada 

1495-764 Dafundo

Linha Ponto Verde: 808 500 045

Telefone: 210 102 400



To activate the free collection service for your equipment packaging or for any questions or clarifications, you can contact:

Inforlandia SA

Rua Santa Rita, nº 85 L6

3810-167 Aveiro

Telefone: 234 340 880


Information for recycling operators

If you are a recycling operator and need disassembly instructions, with identification of materials from Annex VII of the WEEE Directive, please contact: qualidade@inforlandia.pt

Calculation of carbon footprint

​In order to provide additional information and raise awareness of environmental issues, we provide a list of information on the carbon footprint of each equipment and a calculator for configurations that are not already included in the list below

You can download the carbon footprint calculator here


TEC (kWh/y)*

CO2-e (Kg)**

INSYS Pro.BINSYS Pro.B I3-12100 Integrado 300W Bronze48,712,18
INSYS Pro.BINSYS Pro.B R3-4355G Integrado 300W Bronze24,36,08
INSYS Pro.BINSYS Pro.B R5-4655G Integrado 300W Bronze25,76,43
INSYS Pro.BINSYS Pro.B R5-4650G Integrado 300W Bronze26,26,55
INSYS ProNoteProNote I3-1215U Integrado24,66,15
INSYS ProNoteProNote I5-10210U Integrado16,54,13
INSYS ProNoteProNote I3-1135G4 Integrado18,24,55
INSYS ProNoteProNot eI3-1135G7 Integrado19,34,83
INSYS TabletTablet A133 Integrado USB-C92,25
INSYS Pro.BINSYS Pro.B R5-5500U Integrado 300W Bronze25,908,81

* TEC values were obtained based on Energystar standards

** Values were calculated according to ISO 14067:2018

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