Device rental with integrated services.

We contribute to the sustainable growth of your business.

Circular economy

Equipment always up to date

Cost reduction

Guaranteed security


Without the need for initial investment, we help reduce your operating costs and guarantee constant device updating.

We contribute to a sustainable economy and the growth of your business, enabling the release of valuable resources. By changing from a CapEx investment model, which consists of purchasing equipment, to an OpEx model, which are operational costs, allowing the organization to concentrate its focus on its business.

Totalmente alinhado com os princípios da economia circular moderna de reutilização e reciclagem, permitimos atingir objectivos ambientais e de desempenho.

Com soluções de subscrição flexíveis adequadas para locais de trabalho digitais de todas as dimensões, providenciamos os dispositivos e serviços necessários em qualquer local de trabalho.



Security +
All equipment made available under the INSYS DaaS subscription includes CUCo firmware protection. This allows you to block equipment in the event of loss, theft or breach of contract, thus enabling its recovery. Additionally, the evidence of protection with CUCo is a deterrent to attempted theft.
Lower cost +
IT expenses, which normally represent one of the largest portions of the organization's investment, are drastically reduced with INSYS DaaS, and you can even do without an internal IT team. In addition, monthly fees are deductible as operating expenses for ROI tax purposes.
Greater productivity +
The use of updated equipment helps to avoid productivity losses associated with the use of obsolete equipment. It also avoids equipment maintenance costs and associated productivity losses during repair periods.
Intact lines of credit +
With INSYS DaaS it is not necessary to use bank credit lines, which are free for the expansion of the organization's activity.


vs leasing

With INSYS DaaS you free yourself from bureaucratic processes, making it a simple and fast process.
Get complete hardware packages in exchange for an affordable subscription.
INSYS DaaS guarantees:
- Upgrades
- Maintenance
- Equipment management and safety.


Latest settings.

Software always updated.

INSYS DaaS packages are tailored to the organization

It allows you to quickly adapt to the organization's needs and technological developments.


Among our solutions, choose the pack that suits your organization's needs, we have the most recent configurations and the latest software updates available on the market.
Equipment with all certifications and in partnership with the most recognized brands on the market.

DaaS Starter

Laptop 14" | i3 | 8GB+128GB | W11 Pro

INSYSCloud Backup 128GB

72 hour SLA

Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance

CUCo security service

Customization with the customer's logo

Includes backpack and mouse

Contract 36 months          8,99€ + VAT/m

Membership cost €99.00 + VAT

DaaS Medium

Laptop 14" | i5 |8GB+256GB | W11 Pro

INSYSCloud Backup 256GB

48 hour SLA

Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance

CUCo security service

Customization with the customer's logo

Includes backpack and mouse

36 month contract          14,00€ + VAT/m

Membership cost €149.00 + VAT

DaaS Premium

Laptop 14" | i5 | 16GB+512GB | 11Pro

INSYSCloud Backup 512GB

24 hour SLA

Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance

CUCo security service

Customization with the customer's logo

Includes backpack and mouse

36 month contract          15,99€ + VAT/m

Membership cost €199.00 + VAT



For more information and a personalized solution for your organization, fill out the form or contact us at +351 925562097 or via email at

(subject to call cost to mobile network)

a testimony


“Inforlandia has been an important partner of ISCIA – Higher Institute of Information Science and Administration for several years, providing full support to our IT structure.
In its continuous mission to innovate, Inforlandia developed the CUCo (Central Unit Control) application, which has proven to be a powerful and effective computer security tool that this Higher Institute delivers to students enrolling for the first time on a course at ISCIA ( CTeSP's or degrees).”
Nuno Teixeira Carneiro - Coordinator of Communication and Image Department
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